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Start retail store analytics. We offer excellent analytics solutions at a reasonable price.

Excellent analytics data provided at a reasonable price


Basic plan tells you outside traffic and number of visitors, which are the beginning of offline store analytics. It is recommended for beginners.


Data offered

  • Outside traffic
  • Store visitors

Supported service

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The plan provides you abundant data for analyzing your store. The plan is recommended for those who want to excel in store information.

$30/Month (per sensor, VAT excluded)

Data offered

  • Outside traffic
  • Store visitors
  • Revisiting customers
  • Dwell time
  • Visitors in each zone
  • Mobile phone vendors/Telecom companies
  • Locals/Foreigners

Supported service

  • Provides API
  • Cross analysis with visitor profile
  • Premium analytics report (extra charge)
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Installation Service

(VAT excluded / Initial installation cost / Extra fee for more sensors / Visiting service fee for installation outside Korea)

Premium Analytics Report

  • Contact us for price
  • Basic funnel assessment
  • Combine with client's data
  • Heat map analysis
  • Movement path analysis
  • Benchmark analysis

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