Offline Customer Analytics

Shoppers speak through their footprints inside the store. Walk Insights analyzes customer behavior through outside traffic, store visits and returns through automated solution

Multilateral store analytics based on wireless signal

Take a look on how shoppers move through and open their purses. Walk Insights provides business area trend, purchase steps, promotion analysis which are essential for store sales growth at a reasonable price.

ZOYI Square, the innovative wireless sensor

ZOYI Square is designed to sensitively detect wireless signals from mobile phones. It detects mobile phones even when they are inside the pocket, without requiring any app install. It is the best way to understand space and distance.

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Supports accurate Wi-Fi/
Bluetooth sensing and iBeacon

Intuitive dashboard

Walk Insights helps you intuitively analyze and make use of customer flow through a real time web dashboard where you can access to your big data anytime, anywhere.

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Manage better with Walk Insights

Business Area Analysis

Funnel Analysis

Zone Analysis

Promotion Effect Analysis

Vendor Analysis

Cross Analysis

Profile Analysis

Staff Optimization

Featured clients

The largest store coverage in Asia

Based on Asia's biggest offline store installation, Walk Insights offers reliable benchmark analysis.

Thoroughly managed privacy policy

Walk Insights does not collect any information that can identify an individual. It only detects device information to count unique individual, using 256-bit encryption to prevent unintended information leakage.

Securely designed
big data system

From data collection to delivery on dashboard, Walk Insights' communication is fully encrypted in 2048-bit. Moreover, with a dual backup system, more than 100 million data can be easily stored and processed.