Business Area Analysis

We set up your sales strategy by understanding the trend of your business area. With its own data coming from wireless signals, Walk Insights helps you make right decisions.

  • Outside traffic trend on each hour/day
  • Store capture rate
  • Foreigners ratio

Funnel Analysis

Funnel Analysis is the key to analyze the cause of sales. We can measure customer flows leading to purchase and improve bottle necks.

  • Store profitability through funnel
  • Hourly visitor trends
  • Guest rate and conversion rate
  • The ratio of new and returning visitors

Zone Analysis

Do you have products attracting customers' attention yet not leading to purchase? Quantify where most customers go as well as dead zones inside your store.

  • Store heat map
  • Floor to floor conversion
  • Key movement path analysis

Promotion Effect Analysis

We can compare each store's performance after promotions, as well as measure growth/decrease of offline stores on each funnel step.

  • Promotion vs off-promotion comparison
  • Promotion conversion
  • Promotion efficiency comparison

How different businesses use Walk Insights

Manage multiple branches together

  • Improved sales management using funnel indexes
  • Revenue growth after layout improvement
  • Managing conversion during promotion period

Find shopper behavior without delay

  • Managing returning visitors that lead to constant basis of sale
  • Measuring floor to floor conversion as a KPI
  • Maximizing efficiency during season off period

Analyze people's response toward products

  • Measuring how much pop-up store captured visitors into the store
  • Vitalizing in-store zone to check people's response toward products
  • Dwell time and main movement path analysis to find improvement points

Vendor Analysis

Based on mobile wireless signals, we detect smartphone vendors and telecom company information.

Cross Analysis

By cross-checking traffic and visitors among multiple branches, we can check the effectiveness of store location.

Profile Analysis

We can define age, gender, foreign customers and nationality through linking with your customer profile data.

Staff Optimization

We can check staffs' behavior pattern and automate time sheet data.