Privacy & Data Security

Every analytics in Walk Insights starts from protecting private information securely.

Thoroughly managed privacy policy

Why does Walk Insights collect information?

Walk Insights collects data to provide better shopping experience. More concretely, it collects wireless signals from mobile phones to count outside traffic and visitors without repetition.

What kind of information does Walk Insights collect?

Walk Insights does not collect personally identifiable information. It only collects Wi-Fi and Bluetooth MAC addresses from mobile phones to distinguish visitors without repetition.

What is Walk Insights' privacy policy?

MAC Address from each device is 256-bit encrypted and de-identified from its collection. Thus, it is impossible to re-identify MAC Address while processing statistical analysis, which can prevent unknown information leakage.

Securely designed big data system


From data collection to display on dashboard, Walk Insights' communication is fully encrypted in 2048-bit to protect data from infiltration.


With dual backup system and integrity verification system, Walk Insights prevents unconscious data distortion or damage from its communication stage.

High process capacity

Walk Insights securely store and process more than 500 millions of mass data collected every day from key business areas over the world.

Do you want to opt-out?

Walk Insights believes your privacy should be securely protected. If you don't want to participate in traffic analysis, you can stop the collection and the use of your information. Click the Opt-out button to opt out participation. All the existing data will be deleted permanently.